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Antwerp is NOT a hellhole. And its surroundings even less. Touring is allowed, but only when all Covid19 safety measures are taken into account. Please contact me and we'll work something out together so all can enjoy a safe and comfortable tour!

"Every tour has to be an experience!"

In our digital world people can make a tour of their own or visit museums, just guided by an app. But an app, even a good one, is just an app. Guide 53 takes you with him into an interactive story, where the 'experience' is important: an educational tour, fun, swift and, foremost, custom-made for the visitor!

Guide 53 loves to take you on one of his walks or tours: the old SS Camp of Breendonk, Tongerlo Abbey and its famous Da Vinci painting, the Mayer van den Bergh Museum in Antwerp where Mad Meg dwells or the German trenches from WWI to the nort of Antwerp and many more!

Tours are provided in 3 languages: Dutch, English and French. Prices can be found in the price section.


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Vreugde & Verdriet

75 years Liberation of Antwerp in sound and picture. Liberated but not free!

Expo: 9/7/2019 until 5/31/2020

Expo has ended!

Madonna meets Mad Meg

Fritz Mayer and Florent van Ertborn collected old Flemish Masters. An anthology in 34 masterpieces: Breughel, Fouquet, Van der Weyden and many others.

Expo: 10/5/2019 until 12/31/2020

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* Temporary expositions, be quick!



"Guide 53: the Antwerp region is full of small gems, just waiting to be discovered!"


Discover Herentals with Guide 53. "Hertals", the historical capital of the Campines since 1209! 

Memorial Fort Breendonk

Visit the former SS-Auffanglager with Guide 53, and feel for yourself what it means to be dehumanised!

Nortabschnitt Trenches

A walk through the trenches with Guide 53. The "Loopgravenpad",  a unique German entrenchment and bunker-system from 1917! 

The Last Supper

Discover with Guide 53 Da Vinci's world famous painting at the Tongerlo Abbey. 


Visit the majestic Tongerlo Abbey with Guide 53: an oasis of quiet, spirituality, faith, art and history.

Museum Mayer van den Bergh

Experience with Guide53 Frits Mayer's unique museum, the only museum in Flanders with 2 authentic Breugel the Elder paintings!

Zimmermann - Stabroek Fortress 

Walking in the tracks of Leutnant Zimmermann. The unique military heritage north of Antwerp.


"Guide 53: Be surprised, all day long!"

          Full day program.

Discover with Guide 53 the military heritage from WW I & II north of Antwerp. The trenches, the fortresses, rail-biking, ...


          Full day program.

Discover with Guide 53 'The Ancient Campines', a full day tour combining the sites of Herentals and Tongerlo Abbey!





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