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In 1130 nobleman Giselbert of Castelre donated some lands and buildings in the near of Westerlo to the Abbey of Saint Michael in Antwerp. He asked the Norbertines  to lead a group of followers of Saint Norbert on the realm in Tongerlo. This way the abbey of Our Lady of Tongerlo was founded, almost 900 years ago.
Ever since the regular canons of Prémontré or the White Fathers live and pray in the abbey.
In the middle of a green and wooded area, full of old oak- and lime tree lanes, stands the old and majestic abbey. After a sometimes turbulent history, today, the cloister is a haven of peace, spirituality and history.


The attraction of the abbey is the life-size replica of Da Vinci's Last Supper. Today, the painting is N° 3 on the list of top Flemish artworks, protected by law and a must see for anyone who loves art. 

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