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The "Loopgravenpad" (path of trenches), the official name of the 160 hectares domain, is considered as one of the best preserved trenches-systems of WWI in all of Europe
In 2007, by coincidence, areal pictures from 1918 were discovered in the archives. These were taken by the German pilot lieutenant Josef Zimmerman. Research on the ground uncovered what turned out to be very well preserved trenches and bunkers in the middle of the woods.
Since 2014 the "Loopgravenpad" is open to the public: it contains 
1,2km of trenches and 15 bunkers, of which 4 different types are accessible to the visitors.
During a 2 hours walk, Guide 53 will take you back to
1917, to a sector of the Nordabschnitt, a part of a defensive line along the Belgian border, build by the German occupying army between Knokke en Turnhout.  
A visit during the evening or a 
nocturne is special, it adds drama to the walk.

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