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Reservations are done through this website (unless noticed otherwise). Contact me through the form, e-mail, chat or phone. Tell me what your plans or wishes are, I'll send a confirmation by mail or chat. Reservations at 4 weeks ahead of the tour. For readings please take at least 6 weeks in account.

Price: 8€ / pp VAT incl. with a minimum of 80€ - entry-fees excl.

Timing: approx. 2 hours (longer is possible)
Group: Max. 15 individuals (more = 2nd guide)
Languages: Dutch, Eng, Fr

Short walks: 1,5 hour
6€ / pp VAT incl. with a minimum of 60€ - entry-fees excl.
Long walks: 4 hours and more
Prices: 15€ / pp VAT incl. with a minimum of 150€ - entry-fees excl.


Reservations through external partners. Please contact them and book me, Jo Van Dessel (check homepage for the links)

Price: depending on museum/expo
Timing: approx. 1,5 hour
Group: Max. 15 individuals (more = 2nd guide)
Languages: Dutch, Eng, Fr

TALKS - please contact me

You can choose a reading or presentation: or an existing one or one tailor-made. For the latter, please take at least 12 weeks into consideration. Please contact me to discuss the content together. 

Price: 150€ VAT incl. for an existing reading/presentation / 250€ for a tailor-made reading.
Supplemental millage to and from the location (0,25€/km)

Timing: approx. 2 hours 
Languages: Dutch, Eng (only on demand)

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