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Tour Guide

Breendonk Vertelt II - 2018 - left to right: Bieke Schutijser, Guide 53 and Kathleen Verelst


Next to being a guide and lecturer, I'm a member of a group of actors who perform in the event Breendonk Vertelt. This way, this group of volunteers, directed by Bieke Schutijser, support the project of the Friends of the Fort of Breendonk.

Included are some impressions of past events at Breendonk.


Breendonk Vertelt I - 2017

With the Friends of Breendonk we launched - directed by Bieke Schutijser - Breendonk Vertelt I. In this snippet you can see Guide 53 as  Häftling 389, Jan Sneijkers, resistance-fighter, who ended up in Breendonk in 1942. Later he was deported to Mauthausen. Only a few survived this convoy to Linz. Jan died on November 24th 1942. © B.Schutijser

Breendonk Vertelt II - 2018/20

Guide 53 in action as SS-Untersturmführer Arthur Prauss; this part shows the reception of the visitors at the main entrance of the fort.

Pilgrimage Fort Breendonk - 75 jaar Liberation - 2019

Guide 53 as SS-major Philip Schmitt in front of King Philip, some of the last living prisoners and many other guests. Colleagues Enid, Jacques and Marc present 3 former prisoners of the camp.