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In the Stabroek Fortress there's the Zimmermann-room, in which you can admire some large-format aerial photographs taken by this German pilot-observer when he flew over the German lines north of Antwerp in January 1918. Over 50 of his photographs were discovered by coincidence in 2007. They offer a unique view and understanding of the German lines and the surrounding area during the last year of the Great War. 
Based on the pictures taken by Zimmermann above the towns of Stabroek and Kapellen, Guide 53 takes you back in time during a 2 hours walk, discovering the unique and well preserved military heritage to the north of the city of Antwerp.
The tour starts and ends at the fortress in the Zimmermann-room, walking in a loop around the anti-tankditch (WWII). 


* Photograph 25 in the Zimmermann series : in the centre is Stabroek fortress, left and right of it the German trenches of the Nordabschnitt. 


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